ONE Runyon

A professional dancer, a lifelong athlete, and a talented artist walk into a bar. Oh, it’s just Ricky —— because he’s all of the above. As your ONE Runyon coach in LA, Ricky fits all the categories needed to push you to the edge and break through your limits. Ricky’s fitness journey began at an early age in Guadalajara, Mexico. He would accompany his mom as she taught her dance, aerobics, and kickboxing classes. At this moment in time, little Ricky failed to realize it was only the beginning for him. Naturally, he went on to become a professional dancer with fitness, health, and wellness always at the forefront.
Now, he has become a phenomenal workout partner for ONE Fitness in Los Angeles, CA.Ricky has toured and performed on countless stages with several artists, most recently opening up Shania Twain’s ‘Let’s Go’ Las Vegas Residency. Ricky has also worked for some of the most influential fitness brandslife changes and is prepared to share a lifelong plethora of knowledge with you, our ONE Fitness family.
Ricky takes it on as his responsibility to motivate those around him daily. Whether you need an accountability partner, a good push, or a listening ear, Ricky is there to help you find the best version of yourself. So if you need a workout partner in Los Angeles, CA who can support you on your fitness journey, he’s the guy you’re looking for.

Let’s not forget to mention he does it all while staying cool as a cucumber, rocking a killer jawline, and wearing the freshest sneakers in the room.
Ready to start a session with him? Contact us at 818-223-7001 today to get started. You can also check out all our fitness sessions and see which one fits you best. Call us for more information.